Removing Food Stains From Your Carpet

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So you have a stain on your carpet, and you don’t know how to handle it? While some nuances and differences are dependent on the fibres, here are general guidelines on how to get stains out.


Your first step is always to remove any excess from the stained area.


Scrape off solid material with a spoon. A butter knife can work too. This makes the spill easier to clean, as well as reducing the chances that the stain becomes permanent.


During the scraping process, you should blot away excess liquid with an absorbent cloth. Work from the outside and towards the centre, so you don’t end up spreading the problem. Never rub, because that will damage your fibres.


Once you’ve scraped off the excess and only have the core of the stain left, apply a cleaning agent.


Use the agent as a spray. A store-bought formula or a good homemade one works, but be sure to ask if it might be too strong for some fibres. Use the spray only lightly, because over-wetting a stain can cause it to spread.


You may want to test if the formula has an impact on colours first. Use an inconspicuous part of the carpet for this.


Leave the spot to sit for about ten minutes. More if you’ve got a big stain.


After you’ve given the cleaning agent time to sit, blot the stain.


Use another clean, white cloth. Absorbent properties are essential. Blot from the outside, working your way in. Repeat this until the fabric can no longer absorb the stain or it’s all gone. After that, blot using cold water and then blot with a dry cloth.


If you want to be thorough with drying, cover the damp area with a layer of cloth or paper towels. Weight that down with something. Change the towels every so often until the area is dry.


However, keep in mind that what’s outlined above is only a general procedure. It works for most types of stains, but it isn’t universal. You’re not asking why.


Well, some fibres are harder to clean or blot out. Not all carpets are the same, after all. Wool is more resistant to some types of stains, for example. It also takes a lot more effort to dry, as well as needing more time. In contrast, some fibres might absorb liquid stains more quickly.


The general instructions also don’t account for things like old stains. These are the ones that have managed to sink into the fibres and will take considerably more effort to remove.


There are also types of stains that are much more challenging to clean or bring with them an odour. Pet urine, coffee, and even blood can leave some resilient marks that require more work to clean out.


Finally, if you’re not in the mood to do your carpet cleaning yourself, just call a professional. Click on this website for help if that’s your option. Professionals can likely do the job faster, using better products and their experience can make the whole process go more smoothly.

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