Reasons why Australians love the Italian Pizza

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There are enough and more reasons which account for the Australian’s love for Italian food, pizza in particular. The Italian cuisine, in general, is inherently a part of Australia’s history, culture, and the community due to several reasons such as –

  • Italians are the fourth largest ethnic group in Australia.
  • There are a significant number of Italian migrants residing in Australia
  • Italians contribute to the foundation of overarching Australian community which made it easier to adopt the Italian cuisine effortlessly. The two of the main factors that are driving the gourmet pizza trend in Australia includes a growing interest of the Australians in premium foods& ingredients and the Australia’s booming food culture.

Furthermore, there are many specific reasons that made the Australian people fall in love with this Italian delicacy-Pizza. Some of them are-

  • It is close to our heritage as it is easy to prepare and is delicious in taste
  • Australian community has been able to support and service the community in the process of creating and supplying the pizza, making it the favorite of many
  • Pizza is a comfort food which is easy to make and prepare
  • In the recent years, Australians have adopted much healthier eating habits, thereby making a natural shift towards the food that’s produced and made with healthy ingredients such as organic cheeses and vegetables and non-frozen dough.

Considering the Australian’s love for Pizza and a general awareness towards the use of farm-to-table healthy, organic food, the pizza trend isn’t going to end anytime soon in the Australia.



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