Advice for a Pasta Dinner Party

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A pasta dinner party can be daunting. If you’re a first-timer, you might not be entirely sure how to handle the whole thing. You might have some idea, but there’s a lot of “hidden” responsibilities you need to manage.


Here’s some sound advice on how to get it done.


First, prepare the space. You’ll want to make sure you have upholstery Perth that will make a good impression and be welcoming. You’ll want to clear the area of any clutter and make sure everything that’s going to be directly used is spotless.


I’ve seen some folks go as far as to book a cleaning service beforehand. This seems to be a standard course of action for parents with carpets and plush upholstery.


Second, consider the menu in question. Do you want it to be a typical dinner party or are you looking at a pasta bar buffet event? Both approaches would have their challenges.


If you go with a typical party where you’ve got courses and appetisers, you have the advantage of being able to set the pace and flavours. You can maximise the impact of each dish by arranging the order. The catch is that your timing is under closer scrutiny here.


If you’re going with a pasta bar buffet, you do a lot more cooking and make a lot more dishes. You also need additional space, because people will want to have an easy time to go over the selection. You’ll also need that space for the quantity of each dish.


You also want to have an array of antipasto ready. Desserts are probably a good idea, too. Everyone loves to have something sweet as a palate cleanser after a meal.


In both cases, you want the fare to be diverse. You can’t just stick to one flavour. You need something to cleanse the palate, so people don’t get that unconscious desire to stop eating because the tongue is sick of what it’s processing.


Like any party, the key to success is music and activity. Food is integral, but there’s got to be more that are occupied than just people’s taste buds.


If you’re not a great conversationalist, music is a good move.


You want a great playlist to match the mood. I prefer smooth jazz, but that’s a casual choice that might not reflect a more formal dinner party setup. Mellow love songs are pretty good with more low-key pasta in an informal environment, too.


You also need to consider who to invite. This is important.


The more intimate the event is, the more you want to limit the number of guests. You also want to make the intent clear, even if that means sending out RSVP invitations. If what you want is a little looser and relaxed, social media invites are fine.


As part of proper etiquette, it is usually smart to ask your neighbours. This covers two purposes. First, it helps you show that you’re concerned about them and aren’t just self-absorbed. Second, it doubles as a way to inform people when there are going to be loud noises, and they may want to make plans.


Follow along home for more pizza and catering thoughts.

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